Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My favorite gadget

Actually my favorite gadget of technology is my cellphone.
I never have been a fan of cellphones, in fact, I don't like the IPhone for example, I think that this is overvalued cellphone, I prefer the "smatphones" idea.
I have a SONY Xperia ARC. It is has a 8MP camera, HDMI, MP3 reproductor, GPS, Bluethoot, etc.
I got it when i changed my telephone company, I hate "movistar", then I change to "entel" and I take the opportunity to change my phone.
I use it to make and receive phone calls, send SMS, and to check my e-mail and to check twitter too.
It has some widgets like weather in this area, points of interest near of my location, GPS navigation, etc.
I use it daily, all the week.
I like the camera too, it has a led flash, I download an application that use the flash like a flashlight.
Without it, my life would be the same, but without e-mail and without tweeter all day, but always I can check this in my laptop.
Other piece of technology important for me were my laptop, my PS3 and my PSP.
I like geeks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Summer vacations

I had my holidays in february, we went to "La Herradura" in Coquimbo.
We stayed a week, initially we wanted to stay ten days, but we decided to return before that because the high noise level of theconsruction work and high speed trucks in the near highway.
We arrived to Coquimbo in car, full loaded with baby stuff like diapers, milk bottle, baby safety chair.
We went to beach, to downtown of the city, to lunch in the bay, and in the nights we went to the pubs and Casino Enjoy with my wife.
The best thing in holiday was spend time with my little child Franco, he has made great progress crawling and walking.
The worst part was the noise, i almost didn't sleep because trucks in the highway and partys in the neighbor aparments.
If you rent a aparment near of beach, try to look up something far away from highway :)
Other good thing was left my son with his grandmother and had some romantics escapes with my wife.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I would like to visit U.S.A.

Hi friends, today i must to tell you about a country I would like to visit.
I have always want to travel to U.S.A. and know cities like Miami or New York, these are cities that don't sleep.
These cities have a lot of sites of interest that i would like to visit. I would like to know Corvette's museum for example. I would like to go to themeparks like Disneyworld or Epcot center in Orlando, this would be a good trip for my little son.
I would like to visit a Universal studios and be in the famous movies scenarios and take pictures with Lara Croft, Catwoman,  Terminator, Robocop or others films characters.
In these cities they have a lots of nightlife sites like pubs, bars, clubs,restaurants, etc.
And my wife would like to visit all stores of woman products like handbags, shoes and perfums :) :) :)
I would like to rent a car and travel across the country to know more attractions.
I would like to work there, maybe development software or videogames !!!
Also I would like to see some wrestling event like UFC or StrikeForce or some game of NBA, this would be amazing to see.
To relax, i would like to go to beach or maybe some spa.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My favorites websites

One of my favorite webstes is FocalPrice (http://www.focalprice.com ) or DealExtreme (http://www.dealextreme.com) they are similar. Here you can find a hundreds of thousands of products from china with a very cheap prices.
They have categories of products, like cellphones, tablets pc, toys, car accesories, games consoles, etc.
Also they have other hot links with offers, discounts, and one called "New Arrives" with the last products arrived to the site.
The main feature is the delivery, they shipping the products to all the world, for free. They are not charges you the shipping, it's free !!
You can buy something of US$1 , and they send to you home, the packages come with protection envelopes with bubbles, and very well sealed. You can pay with you "paypal" account, then you don't need to give your credit card information with each transaction.
The negative part is the wait time to get the product, generally takes a month from the buy date to the arrive of the package, sometimes when a package arrive to my home, i forgot what is, and the opening is like to open a surprise package.

well, this is my post about my favorite websites, i hope that you like it

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nelson's short-biography

Nelson was born on September 8, 1971, in Santiago. His father Bernardo is a  podiatrist in downtown of the city. His mother Maria is a housewife, a Avon saleswoman, an a volunteer in family help gropus against drugs. Nelson is the second of four brothers.
Whe he was a boy, he study in "Miguel Rafael Prado" school.
When he was a teenager, he study in salesian school "La Gratitud Nacional", a technical school, with focus in computers and software.
After that he worked in many software enterprises.
About his 35s, he start to study "execution engineer in computer and information" in the Universidad de Santiago. After four years, he had finished all the credits, but his tittle process it is freezed.
Actually he works in Kapsch TrafficCom as a System Engineer.
He lives in Quilicura with his wife Veronica, they have a little child Franco and a old mixed dog called Tirso.
He spent his free time with they, especially playing with his son.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tech gadgets

Today I “MUST” to write about tech-gadgets.
I have many gadgets, a laptop, a smartphone, a IPodTouch
(this was kidnapped by my wife), a PlayStation3 (my favourite), and a
PlayStation Personal (my second favourite).
Amazingly, my two favourites gadgets are play consoles, but
I almost don’t use it, but I don´t have time to play.
PlayStation are a very powerful machine, it is like a super-graphic
computer, with a very powerful processor. It is have incorporated many
technologies, like network connection, wi-fi, and the Bluethoot technology, with
this in particular, if a new technology or add-on arrives (like PlayStation
Move) this only must be attached to PS3 and it will work. For example, when
NintendoWii arrives with a wireless control that detect movements from the
user, then PS3 launched the PS3Move, a controller with the same function. When
Microsoft launched the XBOX-Kinect with the same wireless technology, but with
a camera to allow to the console to “watch you”, then PS3 strikes back with the
PSEye, a camera with the same functionality.
Then, I think this console will have a long life, because
this is extensible with new add-ons.

My Laptop it is the more used tech-gadget for me, I have do
everything with this, play music, watch videos in youtube, update my facebook, read my e-mails, work, see and
organize pictures of my family, etc.
The smartphone, I used, but only like a cellphone, I always
use it to play angrybirds while I spend time in the bathroom J

This was my tiny post about technology, I hope that you like

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How I use the computer at work

Hi people.

TOday post is about "how" I use the computer at work.

Mainly is use the computer to build software.

I am a member of development team of Kapsch, and my function is to program new functions or to make modifications or correction to the actual system that runs on Costanera Norte headquarters.

My work start in the morning, turning on the computer, checking my e-mail, then i connecto to the network to be able to comunicate with my colleagues and with my boss. We use Skype or Messenger to chat with each other.

After thay I connect to TeamCVS to downloads changes to the source code files and be updated with the last versions of these.

I work in my pending task list, modifying source code files, designing solutions to new problems, working with the database, etc.

When i finish a task, i review it, and send by e-mail a package of files with a document describing the work to my team.

And then i am ready againt to a new task of my list.

When i finish the day, i upload my changes to TeamCVS, revie my last e-mails, and planning the next day.

In free time, i used to surf in internet in sites like e-bay or dealextreme searching for good deals.

I like to looking for sports used cars announces in sites like chileautos.cl

I like to see some on-line newspaper too.

Ok guys, this is my tiny post about computers use in my job. I hope that you like it.