Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My favorite gadget

Actually my favorite gadget of technology is my cellphone.
I never have been a fan of cellphones, in fact, I don't like the IPhone for example, I think that this is overvalued cellphone, I prefer the "smatphones" idea.
I have a SONY Xperia ARC. It is has a 8MP camera, HDMI, MP3 reproductor, GPS, Bluethoot, etc.
I got it when i changed my telephone company, I hate "movistar", then I change to "entel" and I take the opportunity to change my phone.
I use it to make and receive phone calls, send SMS, and to check my e-mail and to check twitter too.
It has some widgets like weather in this area, points of interest near of my location, GPS navigation, etc.
I use it daily, all the week.
I like the camera too, it has a led flash, I download an application that use the flash like a flashlight.
Without it, my life would be the same, but without e-mail and without tweeter all day, but always I can check this in my laptop.
Other piece of technology important for me were my laptop, my PS3 and my PSP.
I like geeks.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRO38UQGH7A

  2. yeah, I agree with you. Some day the "smart" phones become my favorite piece of tech too.

    In fact, you sold me my actual cellphone, a very good device. But I prefer my notebook yet.

    Cheers !!